+++ 2017 NSS Best New Product Winner + Louie Award Finalist +++ 417 Press is funny + smart + quality + woman-powered + all the things you want a greeting-card line to be. She's been noticed in the industry, too, which is impressive on its own, but it's her edgy sense of humor that makes her merchandise so hard to resist. She says what you need to say—in the most adorable way.

When you're taking notes on a "Hustle" note pad with a "Goal Digger" pencil, you feel unstoppable at work. When you've hung one of her hilarious air fresheners in your car, the traffic ain't so bad. And when you're giving your friend a card that reads, "It's Your Birthday, EVERYBODY DANCE NOW," you get everyone in the mood for fun. Ask me for wholesale info! This line is sure to be a favorite in your store!