Independent makers may be your best bet for competing in an ever-tougher retail market. Consider Cabana Reps a virtual showroom for indie gifts and accessories. Look to us when you want something fresh that's not sold in every store, because "shopping small" applies to retail buyers, too.

Cabana Reps focuses on personality-filled lines that make people smile. Lines that aren't sold on Amazon. Lines that incorporate sustainable and eco-friendly practices, and lines that are helmed by women and made in the USA (and Canada!). 

My goal is to find happy homes for these lines, where they can grow and evolve with the boutiques that carry them. Cabana Reps' lines are here because they merchandise well together, and because I'm a HUGE fan of each of them. I think of myself as more than a rep—I'm a wholesale matchmaker. I'm introducing terrific stores to terrific lines so they can make a love connection.

It has been a mission of mine since 2005 (when I signed on to run an online-publishing company as the editor of "shop local" websites) to keep my community, my friends & my family "shopping small" for gifts, books, shoes, accessories, and apparel. But after almost 10 years of running that business, when I needed a change, a friend asked me to rep her jewelry line & I jumped at the chance. Well... actually... the jumping happened after I sat down with some local retailers to ask them two questions: 1. What makes a good rep? and 2. What makes a bad rep? It will come as no surprise to you, but we had some long conversations. Cut to a big learning curve, a few successes, a few bumps in the road, and I was off on a new adventure.

Anyhoo. Enough about me. Get to know the merchandise! Cabana Reps' lines have EXCELLENT reputations and thousands of fans, coast to coast & around the world. Are you a shop owner? Ask me for more info about any or all of the lines—we'd love to work with you.

If you've made it this far, you're just an email away from Wholesale Therapy.  Contact me any time at Cheers!

    It's always nice to hear from you!

    It's always nice to hear from you!