Embrace your basic. Because sassy scented candles are basically everythingBasic Wick Girls is the aromatic love-child of Michelle and Marian, two Long Island-based BFFs & entrepreneurs. They work at a youth-development non-profit by day, and make hilarious themed candles by night. With everything from CHEAT DAY and JUST MARRIED to PUMPKIN SPICE, DRUNK SHUSHER, PUP MOM and OMG! THIS IS MY SONG, the Basic Wick Girls have a wicked sense of humor and a delightful sense of smell. These babies are hand-poured (not factory-made), they use all-natural oils to scent them (no chemicals!), the wicks are 100% cotton, the 8-ounce, reusable mason jars are basic in the best way, and they burn 20-30 hours with a medium scent throw. Smells like an instant best seller!