It's time to show off some gorgeous COLOR & skip the toxic chemicals. Designed in Brooklyn and made in California, Floss Gloss nail lacquer is a beauty addict's dream. Their 86,000 instagram followers are obsessed with this line, because it rings all the bells: True-to-bottle color. 7-free, cruelty-free, vegan, quick drying, self-leveling, easy to remove, professional-grade lacquer. And Floss Gloss is so pretty that you don't have to hide the bottles. Devotees keep Floss Gloss in their handbags, on their desks at work, on their vanities, and always on their fingertips. Plus it's sized to be TSA-friendly, so you can take it with you! It's Want more? refinery29 called it "the perfect stocking-stuffer" and "the only party polish you need," but IMHO it's just nice to stop putting chemicals on your nails, and lead with gorgeous color. And non-toxic Floss Gloss is even safe for pregnant and nursing mothers. Major win!
CLICK HERE to watch a quick video about Floss Gloss. You're going to love it!