Floss Gloss is more than 7-free, it's GLAMOROUS and 7-free. refinery29 called Floss Gloss "the only party polish you need," but IMHO it's nice to stop putting chemicals on your nails. (Non-toxic Floss Gloss is even safe for pregnant and nursing mothers. Major win!)

There's major beauty cred, too, whether it's collaborating with Patricia Field (the super-famous costume designer from Sex and the City), being the official nail-polish sponsor of the #ClawsOut tour (celebrating the third season of Claws on TNT), or doing limited-edition colors for NYLON Magazine, Floss Gloss is all about gorgeous color without the toxic chemicals.

Shoppers love the 2-coat neons that don’t need a white base, and the sultry darks that are easy to remove. (Seriously! You wouldn’t believe how many buyers ask me, “but are they easy to remove??”) HAPPILY, THEY ARE. 

More than 100,000 instagram followers are obsessed with Floss Gloss because it rings all the bells: it's 7-free, made-in-the-USA, true-to-bottle, cruelty-free, vegan, one-coat, quick-drying, self-leveling, easy to remove, professional-grade lacquer. Plus it's sized to be TSA-friendly, so vacationing customers can take it with them! +++ CLICK HERE to watch a quick video about Floss Gloss. +++