Skinny Bangles are the creation of shibori-leather artist Francine Moo-Young, who couldn’t find the exact bangles she was looking for, so she made them herself. You’ve gotta love that moxie, and the look she’s created is truly beautiful.

Skinny Bangles are chemical-free and lead-free (which is often added to leather dyes, can you believe??), they are available in an array of gorgeous, saturated colorways, and they’re all handmade in Seattle. And when we say that Skinny Bangles are dangerously addictive, we mean it. Once your shoppers land on a color they love, they’ll want to mix and match with more!

This line is a proven seller, beautiful in person, and let’s be honest: it’s TOTAL ARM CANDY.

… to make it even harder to choose, there are BIG BANGLES, unisex bracelets, and EARRINGS!