The Burlap Bag is a family affair, and the heart shines through. The Austinites behind this entertaining line opened up a shop for handmade goods in 2011. A year later, they started making candles for their store. Once they started giving them funny names, they couldn't make them as fast as they were selling! Shoppers fell hard for the high-quality, crafted-in-Austin candles with names like Bossy Pants (an amazing combo of citrus, coconut, and cardamom), Clean Freak (rosemary and fig), The Bee's Knees (oatmeal and honey), Unicorn Puke (cotton candy, natch), and Gimme Coffee (self-explanatory).

Once word got out, buyers from other cities started contacting them about selling the candles in their shops, too. Fast-forward six years, and The Burlap Bag can be found in more than 350 stores. Let's add yours to that list.  Ask me for wholesale info! (p.s. The cherry on the candle...? Flat-rate shipping!)