The woman behind ThunderpantsUSA is a shop owner in Portland, Oregon. She sold so many pairs of (then-imported) Thunderpants that she got on board with the company to produce them in her home town. How's that for a testimonial? Even better, the Thunderpants fabric is 90% organically grown cotton and 10% spandex, giving them a super comfy, super soft, nice and stretchy feel. And there's no elastic, which makes them even more enjoyable to wear. No wedgies. No riding up. No panty lines. Sounds good, right? It FEELS even better! And each print is designed by artists and limited edition, so they're collectible! Try Thunderpants in your store.... your shoppers will love them! And BTW, they're called "Thunderpants" because that's what the designer called "underpants" when she was little. (It just proves that our first ideas are often the best ones to run with!) p.s. Check out what a very cool celebrity said about Thunderpants: click here to see who it is.