You know how you’re always on the lookout for something new? Well, odds are that your reps are, too. That said, I have been working with Urban Lace Jewelry since I first started repping, back in 2012. This. Line. Stays. Fresh. And you’d never guess that their bold cuffs were rolling along city streets in another life, since they’re so lovely as Urban Lace.

Delicate yet durable and 100% sustainable, Urban Lace refashions recycled bicycle inner tubes from the streets of Portland, Oregon, into eye-catching accessories. And Urban Lace is also available in color! Recycled, washable, and ultra-soft, Urban Lace's microfiber bracelets come in an array of saturated hues, perfect for making a statement about an outfit and about the planet. This is a look good/feel good jewelry line that’s a favorite of the boutiques that carry it, thanks to great style, great pricing and great service. 

Urban Lace was a nominee for the 2014 Martha Stewart American Made Awards.